About Me


About Me

Hullo! I'm Denise (or Dee.)  I'm the face behind the mud (and I often have mud on my face, in my hair, and on my clothes).

I make all the stuff you see here, maintain my online presence, and manage 98% of the other behind the scenes small buisness stuff. (Shout out to my amazingly supportive spouse who lends his muscles when I need event help, and lends his ears when I want to talk about pottery, which is all the time...)  

I started making pots casually around 2018 when I took some community classes. I started and stopped a few times but the clay kept calling. By the time covid came, I was a member at a private studio and had a ton of time on my hands, so decided to put those idle hands on clay. Before long, I started selling online and to friends and family. And here we are. 

I enjoy making a variety of stuff that doesn't take itself too seriously. I love to experiment with glazes, and to use humour and colour in my designs. Though I keep revisiting many of my popular designs I'm always trying new stuff and refining my skills. 

Thanks a million for stopping by!

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