Good to know...


Good to know...

Each piece is unique and hand-made by yours truly, from start to finish. I also do all the behind the scenes stuff (and, trust me, there's a lot of it). 

If you wanna get all technical, I fire to cone 6 in an electric kiln using stoneware clay. I make all my glazes. 

My pieces are microwave safe. All microwaved ceramic items - as with anything that goes in the microwave - can get hot and should be handled with caution.

Pieces are dishwasher safe, although handwashing is recommended to prolong the sheen of the glaze. 

All pieces should be considered delicate and handled with care. I have no tried-and-true way to repair broken pottery; any attempt to do so is at your own risk. 

I currently do a few local markets a year in Guelph, ON, and stock three local retail locations (check out the Find My Stuff link). 

I love my non-local customers and appreciate all the follows! I try to squeeze in online shop updates in between markets, depending on stock.  

Shipping costs are nuts and out of my control. I often accept a small loss on shipping fees, and this doesn't include the cost of keep the necessary packing supplies in stock. 

I sometimes take custom orders and sometimes pre-orders, it kinda depends on where I'm at with my inventory. I don't do wholesale, or make items specifically to look like the work of other potters ('cus that's not cool). I gotta do me! Artistic integrity matters. It sucks when someone rips off your work (it's happened).

I've done small batches of branded logo mugs for small businesses, so if that's something you're looking for, please ask!